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Wyvern of Wye

Wyvern of Wye

The Wyvern of Wye was a dragon-like beast that was terrorizing the West Country of England, until the brave knight Sir Cadogan rode forth. Unfortunately the creature ate his horse and broke his wand, but Cadogan found a fat gray pony and jumped on it before charging back at the Wyvern. With his broken wand, he split the creature’s tongue, causing it to explode (Pm). Sir Cadogan’s fight with the Wyvern inspired a saying in the Wizarding World “I’ll take Cadogan’s pony,” which means to make the best of a horrible situation (Pm).

Wyvern of Wye
Dates fl. 1100s
Species / Race Wyvern
Distinguishing Features Sharp teeth, fiery breath which can melt swords and armour
First Introduced Pm: Pottermore



"Wyvern" - Anglo-French wivre, from Old North French form of Old French guivre "snake," from Latin vipera "viper" (see viper). In heraldry, a winged dragon with eagle's feet and a serpent's barbed tail.

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