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Buckbeak’s Hearing in London

"Malfoy's dad's frightened the Committee into it. You know what he's like. They're a bunch of doddery old fools, and they were scared. There'll be an appeal, though, there always is. Only I can't see any hope.... Nothing will have changed."
-- Hermione Granger (PA15)

Buckbeak’s Hearing in London

Hagrid takes Buckbeak on the Knight Bus to appear before the Committee of the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. Hermione helps Hagrid prepare a defense but it’s not enough. Lucius Malfoy bullies the Committee into condemning Buckbeak to be executed. Hagrid writes a tear-stained letter back to Hermione at Hogwarts:

Dear Hermione, We lost. I’m allowed to bring him back to Hogwarts. Execution date to be fixed. Beaky has enjoyed London. I won’t forget all the help you gave us.
Hagrid (PA15)

Buckbeak will have an appeal which is scheduled for June. Ron Weasley takes over preparing the defense since Hermione is overwhelmed with her studies.

Buckbeak’s Hearing in London
Date February 11th, 1994
Certainty Date based on real world calendar
Type of Event Wizarding world


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