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Damocles Rowle establishes Azkaban as a wizard prison

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The Harry Potter Canon
Damocles Rowle establishes Azkaban as a wizard prison

Rowle, the second Minister for Magic, ignores the warnings of experts about the terrible effects of Dementors and of the evil permeating the fortress. He begins bringing prisoners to Azkaban and allows the Dementors to torment them (Pm).

Timeline Notes

Rowling's writing on Pottermore about Azkaban states that when Eldritch Diggory took office in 1733, "the prison had been operating for fifteen years." This puts the start date as 1718, the same year that Rowle took office.

Azkaban prison is established
Date September, 1718
Certainty Inferred from canon
Location in Canon Pm
Type of Event Wizarding world