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The flying motorbike, with Hagrid and Harry aboard, crashes into a pond behind Ted Tonks’s house

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The Harry Potter Canon

“They’ve crashed, Ted! Crashed in the garden!”
-- Andromeda Tonks (DH5)

The Battle of the Seven Potters ends with Harry and Hagrid crashing into the pond, within the magical protections surrounding Tonk’s house. Voldemort, who was in pursuit, cannot pass through the magical barrier. Harry is safe, at least for now.

Timeline Notes

The Battle lasted for about an half hour, starting at around 9:30 -- a half-hour after sunset when twilight turns to darkness -- and ending around 10 pm with the crash into the pond at the Tonks residence.



We have no indication of the location of Ted's house, not knowing the actual speed of the motorcycle. Just a rough guess, however, taking into account the twists and turns of the battle, might suggest that Ted and Andromeda live within 30 miles of Privet Drive.

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