Neville gets the full body bind curse for trying to stop the trio from going after the stone

"Neville, ...I'm really, really sorry about this."
..."Petrificus Totalus!"
-- Hermione Granger, performing the Full Body Bind on Neville Longbottom (PS16)

When Neville catches the trio sneaking out of Gryffindor Tower after curfew (unbeknownst to him) to go protect the Sorcerer’s Stone he tries to stop them. He steps in front of the portrait hole and says he’ll fight them because he won’t let them get Gryffindor into any more trouble. Because they have no time to explain the details of their mission to Neville, Hermione puts the full body bind curse on him so they can leave the common room.

Hermione puts the full body bind curse on Neville
Date early June, 1992
Certainty Inferred from canon
Location in Canon PS16: Through the Trapdoor
Type of Event Wizarding world


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