• Character On the evening of 30th October, 1492, Lady Grieve, a Lady-in-Waiting in the court of King Henry VII (Pm), encountered Sir Nicholas deMimsey Porpington while “a-strolling the park in the dusk” and asked him for help straightening her teeth (JKR). His spell went awry, and Lady Grieve found herself sprouting a… Read More
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Do we ever find out what the language of instruction used at Durmstrang Institute is? At Beauxbatons it would have to be French, but although “Durmstrang” sounds German, the Durmstrang students we meet are all of Slavic ancestry as far as we know. On the one hand, German continues to be sort of a “lingua franca”… Read More
• Page Books by Steve Vander Ark About The Reader’s Guide series Welcome to the Harry Potter Lexicon Reader’s Guide series. Each Guide expands a reader’s understanding of and appreciation for the books in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. The commentary and annotations presented are the observations… Read More
• Character Lily Potter is the mother of Harry Potter, who shared with Harry the most striking aspect of her appearance, her brilliant green, almond-shaped eyes (OP28). Lily was born to a Muggle family and grew up with her sister, Petunia, not far from Spinner’s End in the town of Cokeworth… Read More
• Character Twelfth-century ancestor and progenitor of the Potter family (Pm). Inventor of Skele-gro and PepperUp Potion (although this is also credited to Grover Hipworth (FW) in the 18th century). Read More
• Character Lord Voldemort, born Tom Marvolo Riddle, was the son of Merope Gaunt (a descendent of Salazar Slytherin) and Tom Riddle, a handsome, wealthy Muggle from Little Hangleton whom Merope ensnared with a love potion. When her husband found out she was a witch, he abandoned her while she was pregnant… Read More
• Magical effects Love is perhaps the most powerful ancient enchantment, with the potential to counteract the Dark Arts and transform lives. Read More
• Character Lucius Malfoy (I) was a wizard who associated with Muggle aristocracy and royalty. Evidence suggests that he was a suitor to Queen Elizabeth I and that, unsuccessful in winning her hand, he jinxed her so she would never marry another (Pm). Read More