• Event Katie falls victim to the Imperius Curse and is forced to carry a package into Hogwarts from the village. The package, intended to be a deadly gift for Dumbledore, contains a cursed opal necklace. While walking, the packaging slips off and Katie’s hand brushes the necklace. She is immediately struck by… Read More
• Magical objects Used for opening doors, trunks and magical places. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:14 — 3.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts |… Read More
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“Knight Bus” is a play on “Night Bus”—Night Buses run through the night in London and, after the Tube and trains stop running (around midnight)* are the only public transport available. They are a very welcome sight when they (eventually) turn up to take you home, and are the traditional red… Read More
• Event Dung informs them that the locket went to Umbridge, who wears it at the Ministry of Magic. Mundungus Fletcher is not happy about being abducted by Kreacher, and there is a brief struggle upon their arrival – with Mundungus getting disarmed by Hermione and tackled by Ron. Before Harry or his friends… Read More
• Event Voldemort announces that he requires the services of a house-elf. Regulus Black volunteers Kreacher, the old house-elf who serves his family in Grimmauld Place, ordering him to do whatever the Dark Lord demands, then to come home. Voldemort takes Kreacher to the sea cave where he has prepared an island… Read More