• Businesses, merchants, and shops • Quidditch places Quality Quidditch Supplies was Harry Potter’s favorite shop in Diagon Alley. He visited it often when he stayed for three weeks at the Leaky Cauldron, since that summer the new Firebolt racing broom had been introduced and the shop had one on display (PA4). Quality Quidditch Supplies also once… Read More
• Magical objects A Quick-Quotes Quill is a quill that is enchanted to be set up on a sheet of paper without human support, which when activated will write an exaggerated account of whatever is said in its presence. Rita Skeeter carries an acid-green Quick-Quotes Quill in her crocodile skin handbag. When she wants… Read More
• Magical effects Several charms are used to make the game of Quidditch possible: The Quaffle is enchanted to make it fall more slowly than would otherwise be the case. This spell was invented by Daisy Pennifold, hence the modern Quaffle is referred to as a Pennifold Quaffle. The Golden Snitch is enchanted… Read More
• Magical objects The Quidditch World Cup stadium had a huge blackboard upon which gold writing appeared as if written by a huge invisible hand. (GF8)… Read More
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When exactly did Professor Quirrell’s year-long trip around the world take place? The popular fan assumption is that it immediately preceded the year of Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. I do not think this is correct. In PS5, after Harry meets Quirrell while buying his school supplies and asks if he is always that… Read More