• Character Edgar Strougler was the inventor of the Sneakoscope, a type of Dark Detector that warns when someone untrustworthy is nearby (FW). Read More
• Wandmaking Elder is a tree from which wandmakers take wand wood (Pm). Read More
• Magical objects The Elder Wand, originally owned by Antioch Peverell, is one of the three Deathly Hallows created by Death himself, according to “The Tale of the Three Brothers”.  Dumbledore has a different thought about the creation of these objects. “Whether they met Death on a lonely road…I think it more likely that… Read More
• Wizarding culture According to Mad-Eye Moody, no one pays enough attention to elementary wand-safety anymore, as evidenced by Harry carelessly putting his wand in the back pocket of his jeans. Read More
• Broomsticks Ellerby & Spudmore are the company name of the broom manufacturing team of Ellerby (given name unknown) and Able Spudmore, based in the Black Forest of Germany (QA9, Pm). They launched the slow but sturdy Tinderblast broom in 1940. This was followed in 1952 by the release of the faster … Read More
• Communication Fake coins with the Protean Charm cast on them that were used to set up meetings for the DA.  Also, used by Draco Malfoy to communicate with Madam Rosemerta while she was under the Imperius Curse. Read More
• Magical objects Enchanted paper clips that moved like snakes were found in Dolores Umbridge’s desk when Harry searched her office after sneaking into the Ministry with Ron and Hermione (DH13). Read More
• Magical objects An enchanted razor can produce a very close shave, but it must be given careful instructions. Read More
• Ministry of Magic Decorative “windows” at the Ministry of Magic’s underground headquarters. They display whatever weather Magical Maintenance chooses for a given day (OP7). Read More
• Magical artifacts Given by Albus Dumbledore to Silvanus Kettleburn as a retirement gift.  They have to be periodically replaced due to Kettleburn’s visits to dragon sanctuaries, so they are likely not fireproof. Read More
• Podcast Episode For the majority of Episode 25, Steve and Nick puzzle over the topic of Horcruxes, and more particularly how they are created and when Voldemort created each of his Horcruxes.  Listen in as we end up with more questions at the end then we had at the beginning.  We are back to audio only this week, but stay tuned, more Video podcasts will be coming soon. Read More
• Essay
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“Want a hand?” With these words, the character of George Weasley enters the readers’ lives and hearts. This is also Harry Potter’s first impression of George when they meet on the train. Harry Potter, a boy who can’t remember the last time anyone showed him kindness, George Weasley for the first time and is helped out by the young… Read More
• Magical objects Ink that lasts forever or never fades away. There were messages written in Everlasting Ink on the memorial sign at the cottage where the Potters died in Godric’s Hollow (DH17). Read More
• Magical objects The Experimental Time-Turner is a time-turner prototype built of cheap metal that would allow the user to transport himself back in time for five minutes (CC2.7. CC3.7, CC4.4). Had a different appearance than the hourglass-shaped Ministry Time-Turners, and was discovered by Aurors in the possession of Theodore… Read More
• Art and Culture An exploding tuba is a musical instrument which caused the destruction of Ackerly Town Hall during the 1902 first and only performance of The Wizarding Suite by Musidora Barkwith (fl. 1500s) (FW). Since the tuba was not invented until 1835, the original piece must have been written for a different instrument,… Read More
• Ministry of Magic Two Extraordinary General Meetings were held by Minister for Magic Hermione Granger in 2017 when dealing with threats caused by Delphi, the child of Lord Voldemort (CC1.12, CC4.1). Read More