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Episode 25: The Horcrux Conundrum

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"I am sure that he was intending to make his final Horcrux with your death. As we know, he failed. After an interval of some years, however, he used Nagini to kill an old Muggle man, and it might then have occurred to him to turn her into his last Horcrux. She underlines the Slytherin connection, which enhances Lord Voldemort's mystique; I think he is perhaps as fond of her as he can be of anything; he certainly likes to keep her close, and he seems to have an unusual amount of control over her, even for a Parselmouth."

-- Dumbledore to Harry (HBP23)

Episode 25: The Horcrux Conundrum

For the majority of Episode 25, Steve and Nick puzzle over the topic of Horcruxes, and more particularly how they are created and when Voldemort created each of his Horcruxes.  Listen in as we end up with more questions at the end then we had at the beginning.  We are back to audio only this week, but stay tuned, more Video podcasts will be coming soon.

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  • First we argue a bit about which came first, the Diary or the Ring
  • Next we get down into talking about if using the Basilisk to kill Myrtle should count as murdering Myrtle
  • Then we start talking about Frank Bryce and Bertha Jorkins
    • Rowling said (BLC) that the murder used to turn Nagini into a Horcrux was Bertha Jorkins
    • Dumbledore says (HBP23) that Voldemort didn’t even get the idea to turn Nagini into a Horcrux until Voldemort “used Nagini to kill a muggle man” which would be Frank Bryce, which was at least days, but probably weeks after he killed Bertha Jorkins
    • Possible Dumbledore is just wrong, but he was so right about everything else, right down to the fact that Nagini was made into a Horcrux during GF.
  • Dumbledore said that Voldemort would save horcruxes for particularly significant murders, what’s significant of “A muggle tramp” or “Albanian peasant
  • What’s the deal with Voldemort’s hiding plans, one super elaborate one, and the rest were… dumb
  • What is the process to make a horcrux (theory)
    • Have to do some sort of preparation
    • Have to premeditate the murder
    • Have to do the murder
    • Have to do something gruesome after (Nick is picturing physically ripping the fragment of soul out of your own body)
  • What did Lucius Malfoy know about the Diary?
    • Steve thinks that Malfoy only knew it was as Demonstrably Dark Item
    • Nick thinks that Malfoy knew it would lead someone to opening the chamber, but did not know it was a Horcrux
  • Do you have to make a horcrux right away?
    • There has to be at least some delay
    • Bertha Jorkins => Frank Bryce gives the case that it could be a long time
    • If there can be a long time, is the creator more vulnerable than usual with a ripped soul that is incomplete?
  • Barbara theory: When Harry sees the murder of Frank Bryce (GF1), he is not seeing it from Voldemort’s perspective, nor Nagini, no Frank, he’s seeing it 3rd party, could Harry be seeing through that fragment of soul, which is just hovering around in the room following Voldemort around?

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What Struck Steve:

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Question of the Day:

Do you think that the murder has to be premeditated, and would Harry have become a Horcrux if Voldemort hadn’t been planning on making a horcrux from his murder?

Let us know your answer to this (or any of your other thoughts about Horcruxes) in the Pensieve below and we’ll be sure and keep this discussion going.

Wrap Up:

  • So glad we’ve solved all the mysteries of Horcruxes… just kidding, we need help, what do you guys think?
  • Thanks as always to Harry and the Potters for the use of their song for the theme music
  • Thanks for listening


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