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Various types of spells and items make things vanish, but in different ways. Vanishing The basic form of Vanishing is the Vanishing Spell. Taught in fifth year Transfiguration (OP13), this spell is usually cast using the incantation Evanesco which is Latin for “vanish.” McGonagall starts students out with Vanishing invertebrates—snails—and then works them up to mice… Read More
• Character Crabbe was the son of a Death Eater and, along with Gregory Goyle, a crony of Draco Malfoy. Crabbe is quite dense, although he seems to be a little brighter than Goyle. Throughout his first six years at Hogwarts, Crabbe and Goyle sycophantically followed Draco Malfoy around and served as… Read More
• Creature The vulture is a large scavenger bird with a featherless head and a taste for carrion, associated with death. Read More