• Place Home of the Karasjok Kites, a Quidditch team that lost the 1956 European Cup (QA7), Karasjok is a town in the extreme northeastern tip of Norway. The cold weather there must give the Kites quite a home field advantage for Quidditch matches!… Read More
• Character “How many times, Kevin? You don’t–touch–Daddy’s–wand–yecchh!” She had trodden on the giant slug, which burst. Her scolding carried after them on the still air, mingling with the little boy’s yells–“You bust slug! You bust slug!” –GF7… Read More
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It seems a bit weird that everyone would have to go to London to get to Scotland. After all, for quite a few kids it would certainly be closer to go directly to Hogwarts from their homes or possibly to catch the train at some point along the route. Why do they all go to London?… Read More
• Character King Arthur was a legendary leader of Great Britain, ruling from his Round Table of Knights at Camelot and Avalon. His queen was Guinevere. Arthur was probably a Muggle, but he did have a sister named Morgan Le Fay or Morgana who was a Dark sorceress and… Read More
• Streets, alleys, and lanes • Wizarding places Just around the corner from Diagon Alley lies a dark, twisting alleyway devoted to the Dark Arts : Knockturn Alley. It’s a place that the Weasley children are not allowed in, and with good reason; not only are the wares sold their a bit dodgy, but the wizards hanging around… Read More
• Wizarding culture Tiny bronze coins used in the Wizarding World. Read More
• Place Kopparberg is a town in central Sweden, and the starting line for the annual broom race of Sweden, which has run for over 1000 years (QA2). Read More
• Character Jacob Kowalski was a good-natured No-Maj factory worker in 1920s New York whose dream was to own a bakery. He fought for America in World War One (WFT). In 1926 Jacob went to a bank in New York City to get a loan for a proposed bakery based on recipes… Read More
• Businesses Publishers of both the Kwikspell course, remedial training for poor-performing witches and wizards (CS8), and the Wallop the Wombat Revision Course for those who fail the 3rd WOMBAT test (JKR). This company specializes in courses for magical ability improvement. Read More