Cure for Ague Potion

"... this (Potions) Championship has been held in this garden every 7 years since 1407 in honour of Quintia McQuoid, that most memorable of potioneers, whose love affair with potions sadly came to an end with her untimely death from drinking an imperfectly-brewed cure for ague."

-- Announcer on Book of Potions (BoP)

The Cure for Ague Potion stops the chills and fever of ague, otherwise known as malaria.


Possibly frozen Ashwinder eggs

References from the canon

  • Probably contains whole ashwinder eggs, said to be a cure for ague (FB).
  • Potioneer Quintia McQuoid died in 1407 after imbibing a  poorly-brewed batch of this potion (BoP). The Wizarding Schools Potions Championship was held in her memory since then.



ague = "malarial fever," c. 1300, from Old French ague "acute fever,"

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