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Various types of spells and items make things vanish, but in different ways. Vanishing The basic form of Vanishing is the Vanishing Spell. Taught in fifth year Transfiguration (OP13), this spell is usually cast using the incantation Evanesco which is Latin for “vanish.” McGonagall starts students out with Vanishing invertebrates—snails—and then works them up to mice… Read More
• Character Viktor Krum is a Bulgarian wizard who was their national side’s Seeker at the Quidditch World Cup (1994, 2002, 2014) and also Durmstrang Institute‘s representative at the Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts in 1994. A famous international Quidditch player for the Bulgarian National Team while still… Read More
• Magical objects Re-Visibility Spectacles (glasses) are required for some match venues in the Quidditch League due to suspicious Muggles. These stadiums are protected by invisibility charms put in place by the Ministry. Spectators going to the match are reminded to collect their Re-Visibility Spectacles from the ticket office in order to… Read More