• Games, toys, and jokes One of the range of sweets found in a Skiving Snackbox, this causes the eater to faint. During the twins’ beta tests on the volunteer Gryffindor first years, the eater remained unconscious until fed the antidote by someone else. Hermione found these testing methods alarming (OP13). Podcast:… Read More
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Introduction In the book, these cards are collected and traded by students and referred to as Chocolate Frog Cards. However, “real” versions of these cards exist, created by Rowling herself, providing a fascinating look into the vast scope of Wizarding history. After the release of the fourth book, the world… Read More
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Fawkes, Professor Dumbledore’s phoenix, has played a prominent role in the first four Harry Potter books. With the fifth book reportedly titled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it is worthwhile to speculate about Fawkes’ past. There is strong support in J. K. Rowling’s canon for the theory that… Read More
• Incantations Effect: Spell that conjures a wooden rod Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:08 — 3.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts |… Read More
• Food and drinks • Games, toys, and jokes One selection in the Weasley Twins’ Skiving Snackboxes (OP6). Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:08 — 3.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts… Read More
• Character Frank was a giant Thunderbird rescued from captivity in Egypt by Newt Scamander in the 1920s and smuggled into New York inside his suitcase. In Egypt, Frank had been kept cruelly chained by his leg, but inside Newt’s case he lived in a replica of the Arizona desert, his native… Read More
• Character Frank Longbottom, along with his wife Alice, were famous Aurors who fought valiantly against Voldemort and his supporters during the 1970s. Frank and Alice were members of the original Order of the Phoenix (OP9, PC/JKR1). They were captured by Bellatrix Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr., and several other Death Eater  shortly after… Read More