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We all know the amazing things that magic is capable of in JKR’s narrative. I’d like to look at some of the things that magic is apparently unable to do in the JKR universe (as opposed to things that wizards don’t do, such as the Unforgivable Curses, for legal reasons or because of… Read More
• Character Twelfth-century ancestor and progenitor of the Potter family (Pm). Inventor of Skele-gro and PepperUp Potion (although this is also credited to Grover Hipworth (FW) in the 18th century). Podcast: Play in new window |… Read More
• Event Linfred lives in a small village in Gloucestershire in the 12th century, where he potters around his extensive gardens and invents potions. His tonics and remedies are offered to both magical and non-magical folks, and he gains the nickname “The Potterer.” Two of the potions he invented are the precursors… Read More
• Diseases and healing Loser’s Lurgy is an illness suggested by Luna Lovegood. It supposedly causes a Chaser to be unable to maintain possession of the Quaffle (HBP19). When commentating during the Gryffindor v Hufflepuff match, Luna speculated that Zacharias Smith of Hufflepuff suffered from this disease, as he had… Read More
• Magical effects Love is perhaps the most powerful ancient enchantment, with the potential to counteract the Dark Arts and transform lives. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:08 — 3.8MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Character Lucas Bargeworthy was a Beater for the England National Team in 1870s. Bargeworthy was a participant in the mysterious 1877 Quidditch World Cup tournament held in Kazakhstan. Retaining no recollection of any of the events of the so-called “Tournament that Nobody Remembers“, he was missing most of his teeth when he… Read More
• Character Harry, Hermione and Ron saw Professor Remus J. Lupin for the first time on the Hogwarts Express, wearing extremely shabby wizard’s robes. Lupin has light brown hair flecked with gray, though he is quite young. He looked ill and exhausted; Ron observed, “He looks like one good hex would finish… Read More