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It seems a bit weird that everyone would have to go to London to get to Scotland. After all, for quite a few kids it would certainly be closer to go directly to Hogwarts from their homes or possibly to catch the train at some point along the route. Why do they all go to London?… Read More
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“Knight Bus” is a play on “Night Bus”—Night Buses run through the night in London and, after the Tube and trains stop running (around midnight)* are the only public transport available. They are a very welcome sight when they (eventually) turn up to take you home, and are the traditional red… Read More
• Transportation The Knight Bus is a triple-decker, “violently purple” bus which provides emergency transportation for the stranded witch or wizard; all they need to do is hold out their wand hand to summon the bus. Background Seeing the need for witches and wizards to have another alternative method of transportation,… Read More
• Quidditch Early spelling of Quidditch in the 1100s letter by Goodwin Kneen (QA3). This was also the Muggle Prime Minister’s guess for the spelling of “Quidditch” at the time of the Dark Mark incident after the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (HBP1). Read More