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Malfoys Make The World Murky

Malfoys Make The World Murky

The Malfoys.  The family you can always rely on to make the world a murkier place.

Scorpius Malfoy summarizing his dismay upon realizing that in his new timeline, the Malfoys are still enabling darkness (CC3: Cursed Child Act 3)


Google's linked data defines "murky" as follows:

  1. dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
    "the sky was murky and a thin drizzle was falling"
    • (of liquid) dark and dirty; not clear.
      "the murky silt of a muddy pond"
    • not fully explained or understood, especially with concealed dishonesty or immorality.
      "the murky world of espionage"

It seems that Scorpius is using it primarily to mean the "concealed dishonesty or immorality" definition, with the added connotation of "dark and gloomy."  It is understandable that Scorpius would be pained by this reputation.  He is positively bubbly, and as Albus Severus describes him, "kind... from the depths of [his] belly to the tips of [his] fingers." (CC2)  The Malfoy family isn't widely trusted because in both instances of Voldemort's power, they slid under the radar after generally supporting Voldemort and his larger agenda.  The rumors of Scorpius' parentage stem from this mistrust and some murky circumstances.  When Scorpius does not have Albus' companionship, and he is suddenly everything he tried not to be in his world, he confronts his father and tries to appeal to the kinder side of him he knows exists.


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