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Mars is bright tonight

Mars is bright tonight

“Mars is bright tonight.”

Ronan when Hagrid asks him if he's seen anything unusual (PS15)


He is speaking ominously and giving little information, which according to Hagrid, is characteristic of centaurs. This phrase is repeated a number of times by the centaurs. In actuality, Mars was not very bright during the spring of 1992, but I think we can assume that Rowling didn't check an almanac to determine that as she wrote this chapter. In Harry's world, Mars was bright on that May evening around midnight. Assuming that Mars signifies blood and warfare in Harry's world, we can conclude that the centaurs are seeing the approaching war as Voldemort rises again to power. He won't actually be back in full power for several more years, but the centaurs tend to view events on a grand scale, so a few years will seem very soon to them.

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