Pandora, Luna Lovegood’s mother, liked to experiment, according to her daughter. One of her spells went wrong and she died. Nine-year-old Luna saw it happen. Read More
The three-headed dog that guarded the Philosopher’s Stone was bought by Hagrid from a Greek “chappie” in the pub in Hogsmeade. Read More
The Slytherin Quidditch Team “flatten” Gryffindor in their Quidditch match the previous year, according to McGonagall (PS9). The new Gryffindors are reminded of the history during their first evening by Nearly-Headless Nick: “Gryffindor have never gone so long without winning. Slytherin have got the cup… Read More
Team manager Philbert Deverill announces to the Daily Prophet that Puddlemere United will be changing the colour of their team robes from mud-brown to kingfisher blue (DP1). Puddlemere win their next game against the Wigtown Wanderers – wearing the new colours and aided by the performance… Read More
After the Halloween feast is over, the venerable Goblet of Fire is brought forward. One by one, the names of the chosen champions fly out of the Goblet. They are Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, and, to everyone’s surprise, Harry Potter. Read More
The Decree is in response to a meeting in the Hog’s Head pub involving a number of Hogwarts students. The meeting was set up to organize a study group to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts skills, since Umbridge refused to teach those skills in the classroom. The teacher was… Read More
The celebrated seer is remembered for her skill in divination and for writing the divination textbook Unfogging the Future (FW, PA4). Read More
Dirk Cresswell is on his way to Azkaban when he Stuns auror John Dawlish, steals his broom, and escapes. Dirk Cresswell tells this story to Ted Tonks, Griphook, Gornuk, and Dean Thomas and implies his escape wasn’t difficult as Dawlish appeared Confunded. (DH15)… Read More