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Of course, everyone loves Quidditch. Besides Quidditch, however, there are sporting events and competitions of many kinds.

All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition
We have a record of one such competition, held in 1430, which was won by Alberta Toothill (fw).

Annual Broom Race of Sweden
This internationally-famous event, which started in the tenth century, takes place in Sweden. Contestants race from Kopparberg to Arjeplog, a route which takes them through a Swedish Short-Snout dragon reservation. The prize is an enormous silver trophy in the shape of a Swedish Short-Snout (QA2).

Annual Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw
In the summer of 1993 [Y13], Arthur Weasley won this annual prize of 700 Galleons, which is the equivalent of $5131 or £3500. (PA1)

Annual International Wizarding Gardening Competition
Includes many interesting divisions, including the Contorting Cereals competition (DP).

Demiguise Derby
Organized by the notorious goblin con man (con goblin, actually), Urg the Unreliable. Urg ran off with all the takings (fw).

Gobstones Tournament
Recently, the Welsh National Gobstones Team defeated the Hungarian national side to win this tournament. The Daily Prophet failed to cover the competition, however, prompting an irate letter from Grugwyn Rufford of the Welsh team (DP).

Triwizard Tournament
This thrilling competition is famous throughout the wizarding world, although until very recently wizardfolk had only ever heard tales of the Tournament. The Triwizard Tournament pits three young people -- one each from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons -- against each other in a quest for the Triwizard Cup and a sizable purse. [more]


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