Charis Black

Charis (Black) Crouch (1919-1973)
Daughter of Arcturus and Lysandra Black.
Two older sisters: Callidora and Cedrella (BFT).
Married to Caspar Crouch (BFT).
Children: One son, two daughters (BFT). Her son may have been Barty Crouch, Sr.

Charis Black is introduced and referenced in the Black Family Tree.


Charis Black is from the Black family and marries into the Crouch family (Caspar Crouch).

Other canon notes and references

Crouch, Caspar: Rowling's Black Family Tree mentions a Caspar Crouch who was married to Charis Black (she lived 1919-1973) (BFT).
One child, gender unknown (BFT) (Barty Crouch, Sr?).
Name: Caspar is the traditional name for one of the Magi (biblical three kings) and a famous ghost in children's cartoons from the last half of the 20thC.



Possible name derivation: Greek for "grace or kindness;" a minor Greek Goddess, the Consort of Hephaistos.

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