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Susan Bones

Susan Bones

Student at Hogwarts, 1991-1998 (PS7); sorted into Hufflepuff.

Susan wears her hair in a long plait down her back (OP16). In October 1995 she became a member of Dumbledore's Army (OP16). She acquired a gruesome notoriety when the Death Eater who killed her uncle Edgar and his family escaped Azkaban in January 1996. After the escape Susan told Harry that she now knew what he'd had to go through with everyone staring and talking about him (OP25).

Susan was one of the Dumbledore's Army members who helped Harry cope with Malfoy in the ambush on the Hogwarts Express (OP38). However, it is not stated that she fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. She was the first person to Splinch herself during Apparition lessons, losing her left leg (HBP18).

In 2001 Rowling flashed a notebook during a BBC interview that showed her notes on the students in Harry Potter's year and Susan is noted as being a Half-blood in Hufflepuff House. This information cannot be considered canon, however, because the notes conflict in too many places with the stories as they were actually published.



Susan is most likely named after her Aunt Amelia, whose middle name is Susan (OP8).


Susan Bones was played in the first two films by the director's daughter, Eleanor Columbus (PS/f, CS/f).

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