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Corvinus Gaunt

An 18th-century descendant of Salazar Slytherin who made sure the hidden entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was well-protected when “new-fangled plumbing” was built around it, which later became Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom (Pm:Chamber of Secrets).

Obviously Corvinus was a Parselmouth, like many in the Slytherin family line, including Tom Riddle.


A descendant of Salazar Slytherin, and an ancestor of Tom Riddle, who became Lord Voldemort.


Building skills to protect the Chamber of Secrets.



Possibly named for Matthias Corvinus (Matthias the Just) 1443 – 1490) was king of Hungary and Croatia, ruling between 1458 and 1490. Corvinus is derived from the Latin for "raven," thus he is also referred to as "the Raven King."

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