Gryffindor’s Quidditch team lose to Hufflepuff with Ron Weasley as Keeper

"Angelina still won’t let him resign. She says she knows he’s got it in him."
-- Ginny Weasley, after the match

Gryffindor’s Quidditch team lose to Hufflepuff with Ron Weasley as Keeper

With Harry and the Weasley twins under a “lifetime ban” from playing Quidditch, Angelina Johnson captains a Gryffindor team with replacements Ginny Weasley as Seeker, and Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke as Beaters. She sticks with Ron Weasley as their Keeper, even though he seems unable to save a goal when anyone is looking (OP29).

In the end the match only lasts for 22 (rather painful) minutes. Kirke falls off his broom when Zacharias Smith flies towards him. Ron fails to save 14 goals. Ginny does catch the Snitch before Hufflepuff’s Summerby is able to reach it, but Gryffindor lose by 10 points. Overall it is a disappointingly poor performance (OP29).

Timeline Notes

After Valentine's Day in Hogsmeade but before the publication of Harry's interview in the Quibbler - so likely the following Saturday, 21st February (OP26).



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