Dark Magic Ministry of Magic and the Wizard's Council Nineteen years later

An unsuccessful Ministry of Magic meeting on Dark Magic’s re-emergence

"You know what this is about? Harry just wants his face back in the newspapers again. We’ve had rumours of Voldemort coming back from the Daily Prophet once a year every year."
-- Draco Malfoy (CC1.12)

A public meeting is called at the Ministry of Magic by Minister Hermione Granger, to discuss the movements of Lord Voldemort’s former allies and ask for vigilance regarding Dark Magic – all worrying signs. Giants, trolls and werewolves have been increasingly active.

The meeting descends into name-calling and chaos when Draco Malfoy accuses Harry Potter of inventing the pain in his scar – as an attention-seeking publicity ploy (CC1.12).

Timeline Notes

This takes place after dropping off their children at King's Cross, but before Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy fail to appear to school - so occurs sometime during the first of September, likely to have been scheduled in the afternoon.


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