Dark Magic Ministry of Magic and the Wizard's Council Nineteen years later

Hermione Granger holds an unsuccessful public meeting at the Ministry of Magic to discuss worrying signs of Dark Magic re-emerging

"You know what this is about? Harry just wants his face back in the newspapers again. We’ve had rumours of Voldemort coming back from the Daily Prophet once a year every year."
-- Draco Malfoy (CC1.12)

A meeting called at the Ministry of Magic by Minister Hermione Granger, to discuss movements of Lord Voldemort’s former allies and ask for vigilance regarding Dark Magic, descends into name-calling and chaos when Draco Malfoy accuses Harry Potter of inventing the pain in his scar as an attention-seeking publicity ploy (CC1.12).

Timeline Notes

This takes place after dropping off their children at King's Cross, but before Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy fail to appear to school - so occurs sometime during the first of September, likely to have been scheduled in the afternoon.


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