Agrippa becomes an author who writes about witches and other arcane subjects. He would be “imprisoned by Muggles for his writing, because they thought his books were evil” (FW). Read More
The Famous Wizard card for Bowman Wright lists his birth year as 1492. This is clearly an error, as he is said to have invented the Golden Snitch in the 1300s (three hundred years after Quidditch was invented in the 1000s) (QA4). Read More
Sir Nicholas inadvertently caused the teeth of a noblewoman to grow to the size of tusks with a misfiring spell. His penalty was beheading, but the execution was botched, leaving the head attached by only a small amount of skin and sinew. Sir Nicholas died but became a ghost rather… Read More
Daisy Dodderidge founded the Leaky Cauldron along what was then a country lane outside of London as a connection between the Muggle and Wizarding world. The back alley of the pub eventually became a magical gateway into Diagon Alley. Over the centuries, the Leaky Cauldron became enfolded into the ever-expanding… Read More
Beaters having difficulties with ball-shaped Bludgers made from rocks shattering into gravel, they first try using lead Bludgers, which prove to be too soft. They eventually progressed to making the balls out of iron – the material still used today (QA6). Read More
After the extremely violent final match of the first Quidditch World Cup in 1473, seven hundred fouls were identified and listed. Most of these violent fouls were the result of players using wands to curse opposing players, which led in 1538 to an outright ban on using a wand… Read More
Isolt is born to William and Rionach Sayre, both purebloods, in their cottage, Ilvermorny. She spends her earliest years in valley of Coomloughra with her mother and her father, who nicknames her “Morrigan” after his ancestor because of the girl’s close relationship with the natural world (Pm). Read More