• Character The second Peverell brother, described as “arrogant,” told Death he wanted to call people back from the grave, so Death gave him the Resurrection Stone (DH21, TBB/TTB). Cadmus used the stone to call back a young woman he loved and wanted to marry in life, but she was unhappy… Read More
• Place Frank Bryce, caretaker of the Riddle House, lived in a run-down cottage on the property (GF1). Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:51 — 4.4MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Source The first act of the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Harry and Ginny bring their children to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters to board the train to Hogwarts. Aboard the train, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy become friends. Albus and Harry’s relationship becomes difficult over the next three years. Read More
• Character Cedric Diggory was an extremely handsome boy with gray eyes in Hufflepuff House. In 1993, when he was a Fifth Year, he took over as Captain and Seeker of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. He was a very good student and a Prefect. He is quite tall… Read More
• Event When two boys instead of just one — Harry — arrive with the Portkey from the middle of the Triwizard maze, Voldemort callously orders Wormtail to to “kill the spare.” Cedric dies in a flash of green light. Podcast:… Read More
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Having recently done a GF re-read, the last terrifying and emotional chapters have been on my mind a lot. This morning, while briefly considering the What Might Have Been if Cedric had been the only one to grasp the Cup, I returned to the Eternal Question– Why make the Cup a Portkey when Harry’s toothbrush would work… Read More
• Event The Muggle Studies teacher’s body has been rotating above the table around which Voldemort and the Death Eaters are having a meeting, when Voldemort magically awakens her. In vain, Burbage begs her fellow teacher, Severus Snape, for help. Voldemort angrily explains to the Death Eaters that Burbage had recently written… Read More
• Buildings The chateau is a “large, isolated, derelict chateau,” very likely located in Switzerland, which was the scene of a confrontation in 1926 between Grindelwald and five Aurors. It didn’t go well for the Aurors. From that battle, Grindelwald apparently fled to the United States (WFT). Podcast:… Read More
• Character According to his Famous Wizard card, Oldridge was the first known victim of Dragon Pox (FW). Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:51 — 4.4MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Plants The Christmas rose is a beautiful evergreen plant that blooms in the winter, often in the snow. It is not actually a rose at all but rather a plant in the same family as the buttercup. Hermione made a wreath of Christmas roses for Harry to place on his parents’ graves… Read More
• Event Shortly after Mrs. Cole takes the job at the London orphanage, Merope Gaunt appears on the doorstep on a snowy New Year’s Eve, gives birth to a baby boy, then dies. Cole was a teenager at the time. Podcast:… Read More
• Source J.K. Rowling interview transcript, The Connection (WBUR Radio), 12 October, 1999 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:51 — 4.4MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts… Read More
• Event July 13, 1996 – Harry and Dumbledore travel via Side-Along Apparition to the Burrow, arriving just after midnight. Before going in, Dumbledore takes Harry aside. In an uncharacteristically intimate conversation, the two discuss Sirius’ death and Harry’s reaction to it, the fact that Harry should confide in Ron and Hermione,… Read More
• Event Vincent Crabbe casts the Fiendfyre spell in the Room of Requirement. The fire gets out of his control, killing him and destroying Ravenclaw’s diadem, a Horcrux. Crabbe learned how to cast Fiendfyre from Amycus Carrow during his seventh year, but he did not learn how to control or stop it. Everything… Read More
• Source Harry is caught dripping mud on the carpet by Filch, is taken to Filch’s office, discovers that Filch is not a wizard, and Nearly Headless Nick invites him to his Deathday Party, which HRH attend on Hallowe’en night. Leaving the party, Harry hears voices again, and following the sound with… Read More
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In Chapter 8 of Chamber of Secrets, titled “The Deathday Party,” we get an up close look at the ghost of Gryffindor Tower, Sir Nicholas de Mimsey Porpington, aka Nearly Headless Nick. When Harry comes across him in the halls after Quidditch practice, Nick is reading a transparent… Read More
• Occupations A team of adventurous bankers from Gringotts who go out into the world breaking the protective Charms and Curses on old forgotten Wizarding treasure troves. Sometimes referred to as Curse-Breakers (PA1, OP29). Podcast: Play in new… Read More
• Spells The curse on the ring refers to a deadly curse placed by Voldemort on Marvolo Gaunt‘s ring to protect the Horcrux within. The curse was lethal and would have killed Dumbledore almost immediately after he put the ring on if Snape hadn’t performed a counter-curse to slow… Read More