• Character Eargit the Ugly was a Goblin representative at 14th century summit of Wizard’s Council (fw). Read More
• Character Edgar Strougler was the inventor of the Sneakoscope, a type of Dark Detector that warns when someone untrustworthy is nearby (FW). Read More
• Character Elfrida Clagg was the Chieftainess of Warlock’s Council (JKR). * The dates given on Clagg’s Chocolate Frog card (1612-1687) conflict with information from QA4 which says she was the “Chief of the Wizard’s Council” in the mid-1300s. The portrait of the similarly named Elfrida Cragg in the Ministry… Read More
• Potions The Elixir of Life is an alchemical substance which extends life, created using the Philosopher’s Stone. The elixir must be consumed regularly for all eternity if the drinker is to maintain his or her immortality (HBP23). Read More
• Character Elladora Ketteridge was a witch who discovered the properties of gillyweed when she nearly suffocated after eating it and recovered only when she stuck her head into a bucket of water (FW). Read More
• Character Erica Stainwright was a popular witch who sold fake cleaning potions to unsuspecting householders in the 1950s (JKR, WoM). Read More
• Character Ethelred the Ever-Ready was a medieval wizard famous for taking offense at nothing and cursing innocent bystanders. He died in jail (FW). Read More
• Art and Culture An exploding tuba is a musical instrument which caused the destruction of Ackerly Town Hall during the 1902 first and only performance of The Wizarding Suite by Musidora Barkwith (fl. 1500s) (FW). Since the tuba was not invented until 1835, the original piece must have been written for a different instrument,… Read More
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With that headline, you’d probably be thinking that this is about Snape. But you’d be wrong. Snape was only mysterious while we were reading the books. Now that we’re finished, we have Snape pretty much figured out. Rowling did one of her classic “here’s all the answers, you’re welcome” chapters… Read More