• Event The Battle of the Seven Potters is an aerial battle over southern England fought on the evening of 27 July 1997 between members of the Order of the Phoenix led by Mad-Eye Moody and a group of Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort. The Order of the Phoenix strives to… Read More
• Potion ingredients A shriveled, kidney-like “stone”that comes from the stomach of a goat, protects from most poisons Professor Snape quizzed Harry on the bezoar during the very first Potions Class. In his fourth year, while distracted by thoughts of Cho Chang and the Yule Ball, Harry forgot to add a bezoar during… Read More
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It could be argued that Andromeda Tonks is only a tertiary character in the Harry Potter novels; she only appears in one scene in the final book. Still, I have always found Andromeda Tonks to be an amazingly interesting character. Perhaps, it is this lack of information that causes me… Read More
• Character Barnabas Blenkinsop was a wizard whose mysterious death is reported in the Daily Prophet (DP2)… Read More
• Character Broderick Bode was a sallow-skinned wizard with a mournful face who worked for the Department of Mysteries (GF7, OP8). He was injured late in 1995 when Lucius Malfoy Imperiused Bode into removing the Prophecy from the Department of Mysteries (OP26). Bode lost the power of speech and… Read More
• Books and Literature The Book of Potions is a definitive study of the subtle art of potion-making by Zygmunt Budge. Read More
• Event The plant is brought to him anonymously as a gift on Christmas Day, 1995. His caretaker assumes it’s a harmless Flitterbloom and encourages him to take care of it. When he touches it, it strangles him. The plant had been brought by Walden Macnair in order to kill Bode, who… Read More
• Plants The Bubotuber is a magical plant full of stinky pus. Bubotuber pus is used for healing potions (GF13). A bubotuber looks like a thick, black, giant slug (it even squirms slightly, although it sticks vertically out of the soil) with many large shiny swellings on it that are filled with a… Read More
• Potion ingredients The stinky pus of a magical bubotuber plant, used diluted as a cure for acne. Undiluted it can burn the skin, and smells strongly of petrol (GF13). Read More