• Place Home of the Karasjok Kites, a Quidditch team that lost the 1956 European Cup (QA7), Karasjok is a town in the extreme northeastern tip of Norway. The cold weather there must give the Kites quite a home field advantage for Quidditch matches!… Read More
• Countries Although the 1877 Quidditch World Cup (The “Tournament that Nobody Remembers“) took place in the Ryn desert of Kazakhstan, the event is the subject of much mystery, speculation and conspiracy theory. (Pm)… Read More
• Place Kent is a county in southeastern England not far from London. After Voldemort’s defeat in 1981, the Muggle news reported sightings of shooting stars there , which, unbeknownst to them, were shot off by wizards in celebration – and if McGonagall’s suspicions were correct, Dedalus Diggle was probably to blame. It is likely, then, that he… Read More
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It seems a bit weird that everyone would have to go to London to get to Scotland. After all, for quite a few kids it would certainly be closer to go directly to Hogwarts from their homes or possibly to catch the train at some point along the route. Why do they all go to London?… Read More
• Muggle places • Railway places In northwestern London lies Kings Cross Station, a Muggle railway station that is one of the busiest in the city. It’s a perfectly ordinary station, with big plastic numbers over each track and guards who have never heard of Hogwarts School (PS6). However, every September 1, as the clock… Read More
• Event As the new Minister for Magic, Shacklebolt takes on the dangerous task of removing the Dementors from the ancient, evil fortress of Azkaban (BLC). They had been serving as guards there for hundreds of years, a function which allowed the Ministry to maintain some measure of control… Read More
• Glossary There was a “kissing gate” at the entrance to the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow. This type of gate allows for humans to pass through one at a time, but is built to keep large farm animals out of the graveyard. Read More
• Architecture Kitchens are rooms devoted to the preparation of food. Most homes, including castles, have kitchens. Read More
• Streets, alleys, and lanes • Wizarding places Just around the corner from Diagon Alley lies a dark, twisting alleyway devoted to the Dark Arts : Knockturn Alley. It’s a place that the Weasley children are not allowed in, and with good reason; not only are the wares sold their a bit dodgy, but the wizards hanging around… Read More
• Place Kopparberg is a town in central Sweden, and the starting line for the annual broom race of Sweden, which has run for over 1000 years (QA2). Read More