• Place The Far East is a name given to eastern Asia by westerners; it always refers to Japan, Korea, and eastern China, and occasionally is used to signify other countries in the region as well. The Demiguise, Occamy, and Re’em are all native to this area (FB). Read More
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(by Nik the Hermit, our “man in the street”) J. K. Rowling has stated many times that memories and “echoes” from her own childhood became part of the Harry Potter Books. Two well-known examples are: The use of the surname of her two friends from her early childhood, Ian and… Read More
• Countries Egypt, in northeastern Africa, is a country steeped in magical history. When Ron travels there with his family, he relays stories of unbelievable curses the old Egyptian wizards put on tombs, and Hermione calls the ancient wizards “fascinating” (PA1). Even in more recent times,… Read More
• City places One of the many places that Willy Widdershins pranked Muggles with an exploding toilet (OP7), Elephant and Castle is a small neighborhood in southern London, based around two roundabouts with a short connecting street. Read More
• Moors Ellis Moor is an area of moorlands in Britain which is the location of a Quidditch stadium, like so many British moors. As happens on occasion, a recent match here had to be relocated when Muggles were camping near the stadium (DP4). Read More
• Gardens and farms • Mysterious places The Enchanted Garden is the location of the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship where students compete to win a gold cauldron. Read More
• Countries England is one of the countries forming part of the United Kingdom and, along with Scotland, the place where the entire Harry Potter series is based. Major Locations in England Brockdale Bridge Budleigh Babberton cave Godric’s Hollow Great Hangleton, including a police station Little Hangleton, including:… Read More
• Oceans and seas The English Channel is a body of water separating southern England from northern France, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the North Sea. Read More
• Countries Newt Scamander recently traveled to Equatorial Guinea to complete field research for his book about magical creatures, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (WFT). Read More
• Countries Ethiopia is a large country in eastern Africa, and in fact the only country on the continent that was never colonized by European powers. It was formerly known as Abyssinia, and today is a Quidditch-proud nation, thanks to its team in Gimbi (QA8). Read More
• Schools Eton College is a famous private boys’ boarding school in England. Justin Finch-Fletchley once told Harry that his name was down for Eton before he found out he was a wizard and elected to attend Hogwarts instead (CS6). Read More
• Continents Countries in Europe mentioned in canon: Albania Andorra Bulgaria France Greece Greenland Hungary Ireland Luxembourg Norway Poland Romania Russia Spain Sweden Turkey Ukraine the United Kingdom, which includes: England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Other Locations in Europe: Braga, in Portugal Minsk, in Belarus Sardinia, in Italy… Read More
• Moors • Quidditch places Exmoor is an area of moorland of Somerset named for the river Exe, which flows through it. Exmoor is the location of Exmoor National Park. It is also the home of a new Quidditch stadium, which was originally covered with an Invisibility Charm (fans were advised to collect Re-Visibility Spectacles from… Read More