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Ellis Moor

Saturday: Ballycastle Bats vs. Caerphilly Catapults, venue to be decided (Muggles camping on Ellis Moor. Contact Dept. of Magical Games and Sports, Ministry of Magic for details).
-- from the Daily Prophet's Quidditch page (DP4)

Ellis Moor

Ellis Moor is an area of moorlands in Britain which is the location of a Quidditch stadium, like so many British moors. As happens on occasion, a recent match here had to be relocated when Muggles were camping near the stadium (DP4).



We have been unable to find any location in Britain for Ellis Moor. Apparently this one was invented by Rowling - unlike the rest of the references to Quidditch pitches. Some websites have interpreted our entry as suggesting that Ellis Moor is a magical wizarding space like Platform Nine and Three Quarters, but there is nothing to imply this in the reference from the Daily Prophet. The name could be a local name or one which is used by wizards for an otherwise ordinary moor. --SVA

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