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Barty Crouch Sr.’s residence

"He arrived at our house near midnight. My father answered the door" -- Barty Crouch Jr.

After Barty Crouch Jr. was smuggled out of Azkaban by his parents, he was taken back to his father’s home. There Crouch Jr. was nursed back to health by Winky their house-elf and he was put under the Imperius curse by his father. Bertha Jorkin came to the house with papers for Crouch Sr. to sign; There she discovered that Crouch Jr. was in the house, but Crouch Sr. put a powerful memory charm on her before she could tell anyone (GF35). After Peter Pettigrew brought Bertha to the Dark Lord, Voldemort tortured her and learned that Crouch Jr. was living with his father. Weeks later, Voldemort arrived at the Crouch house (GF35). Voldemort put Crouch Sr. under the Imperius curse and stayed at the house with Peter Pettigrew while Crouch Jr. went to Hogwarts to impersonate Moody. Crouch Sr. began fighting the Imperius Curse and, therefore, Voldemort forced him to be prisoner in his own home. Crouch Sr. managed to escape the house and he headed towards Hogwarts.


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