• Quote “Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin. There’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one.” — Rubeus Hagrid, exaggerating slightly (PS5)… Read More
• Creature A wizard-bred Dark creature of enormous power, this extremely poisonous giant serpent (up to 50 feet in length) is brilliant green in color with long thin saber-like fangs and bulbous yellow eyes. The first basilisk was created by Herpo the Foul thousands of years ago (FW). A basilisk… Read More
• Magical objects Fangs and venom from the dreaded giant serpent that once lived in the Chamber of Secrets have magical properties. Read More
• Character Alphard Black was an uncle to Sirius and Regulus Black. Alphard was their mother’s brother; however he has been removed from the tapestry because he ‘gave gold to his runaway nephew,’ represented by a burn hole in the Black Family Tree (BFT).Thanks to his inheritance from Alphard, Sirius was able… Read More
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It could be argued that Andromeda Tonks is only a tertiary character in the Harry Potter novels; she only appears in one scene in the final book. Still, I have always found Andromeda Tonks to be an amazingly interesting character. Perhaps, it is this lack of information that causes me… Read More
• Character Bellatrix Lestrange was one of Voldemort’s most devoted Death Eaters, a cruel and vicious woman who was guilty of torturing and murdering wizards and Muggles alike. Bella, as she was sometimes called, was the oldest daughter of Druella Rosier and Cygnus Black of the “Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.”… Read More
• Character Daughter of Arcturus and Lysandra Black. Two siblings: sister Charis and Cedrella (BFT). Married to Harfang Longbottom (BFT). Children: One son and one daughter (BFT). Read More
• Character (1915-1992) Daughter of Cygnus and Violetta (Bulstrode) Black. 3 siblings: 2 older brothers Pollux (1912-1990) and Marius (disowned, dates unknown),  younger sister Dorea(1920-1977). She never married nor had children. Read More
• Character An ancient elitist, pure-blood Wizarding family, the line of which extends back at least seven centuries (OP6). The line died out with the death of Sirius Black in 1996 (OP37). Ancestry: mostly pure-blood; descendants of mixed blood are not recognized by the family. Family in general: “The… Read More
• Character (1912-1990) Son of Cygnus and Violetta (Bulstrode) Black (BFT) 3 younger siblings: Cassiopeia (1915-1992), Marius (disowned, dates unknown), and Dorea (1920-1977). Married to Irma Crabbe. 3 children: Walburga (1925-1985), Alphard (disowned, dates unknown) and Cygnus (1938-1992) who married Druella Rosier. Grandfather of Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa. Read More
• Character Regulus Black was the younger brother of Sirius Black. Unlike Sirius, Regulus was favored by their parents because he shared their overweening pride in their heritage and their belief in pure-blood supremacy; indeed, Regulus became one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters around 1977 at the age of sixteen. Sirius… Read More
• Character Blaise Zabini was a Slytherin in Harry’s year (1991-1998) (PS7). Blaise shares Draco’s prejudice against Muggle-born witches and wizards; he has a contemptuous and arrogant manner. Ginny considers Blaise a “poser.” (HBP7). He is a member of the Slug Club due to his famous mother, who has had seven… Read More
• Source Bloomsbury Live Chat (Bloomsbury.com, 30 July 2007, 2.00-3.00pm BST) with J K Rowling nine days after the release of Deathly Hallows. Read More
• Character Miles Bletchley was a Hogwarts student in Slytherin House c.1989-1996. He was on the Slytherin Quidditch Team, playing as their Keeper, during Harry Potter’s first Quidditch match in 1991 (PS11). Bletchley hit Alicia Spinnet from behind with a jinx in the library prior to the… Read More
• Wizarding culture One of the underlying problems in the wizarding world is intolerance and prejudice based on the “purity” of a person’s wizarding blood. Wizards distinguish between purebloods (no Muggle ancestry), half-blood (at least one wizarding parent but at least one Muggle parent or grandparent) and Muggle-borns (both parents were Muggles). Read More
• Character The Bloody Baron is the Slytherin House ghost, a grim, silent, and terrifying specter with a gaunt face and blank eyes. His robes are covered with silver bloodstains. He is never heard to speak, although Harry does impersonate him once, using a hoarse whisper (PS16). A favorite pastime… Read More
• Character Bole was a Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch team in the 1990s. He deliberately fouled Alicia Spinnet in the 1994 Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch final by hitting her with his club. Bole then claimed he had thought she was a Bludger (PA15). Then again, given… Read More
• Character A Wizarding Pure-blood family, listed in the ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ (c. 1930) as one of the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ families (Pm:Pure-Blood). Notable family members include: Caractacus Burke Herbert Burke… Read More