Flame-Freezing Charm

"With the rest of the cast fleeing in panic, the actor playing Crapaud took this as his moment to shine. Casting a Flame-Freezing Charm, he began the play's rousing final speech protected from the fire now engulfing the stage."
-- Historical account of an unknown actor playing Crapaud in "Alas, I Have Transfigured My Feet" as  the special effects got out of control (BoS)

Flame-Freezing Charm

The Flame-Freezing Charm is a spell which changes the properties of fire so that its heat feels like a warm breeze.

History and Notes

  • Spell used by witches and the wizards in medieval times who were burned at the stake. They would then scream and pretend to be burning up (PA1)
  • Used during a particularly memorable performance of "Alas, I Have Transfigured My Feet" when the special effects wizard set fire to the theatre (BoS)


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