Forgetfulness Potion

Effect: uncertain, probably makes a person forget things


Pottermore list of Ingredients:

  • Lethe River Water
  • Mistletoe Berries
  • Valerian Sprigs
  • Standard Ingredient


Pottermore Instructions:

Add 2 drops of Lethe River Water to cauldron, and gently heat for 20 seconds.

Add 2 Valerian Sprigs

Stir clockwise 3 times

Wave your wand and allow to brew 45 minutes.

To the mortar add: 2 measures Standard Ingredient and 4 mistletoe berries. Crush to a fine powder.
Add 2 pinches of the powder to the cauldron.Stir 5 times, anti-clockwise.Wave your wand to finish.


References from the canon

  • First-years were tested on this in final exams (PS16)
  • Brewed on Pottermore
  • see Memory Potions


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