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Pepperup Potion

Pepperup Potion

Pepperup Potion is a remedy for the common cold.

History and Notes

Two wizards are listed as inventors of the Pepperup Potion: Glover Hipworth in the late-18th/early 19th-centuries (FW), and Linfred "the Potterer" of Stinchcombe (Harry's ancestor) with a much earlier version in the 12th century (Pm)



References from the canon

  • Madam Pomfrey dispensed quite a lot of this when winter arrived. It leaves steam coming out of the drinker's ears for several hours, and in Ginny Weasley's case it made her head appear to be on fire (CS8).
  • Harry was dosed with Pepperup after he became chilled in the Lake during Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament (GF26).



Inconsistency: Giving two wizards credit for the same potion may not be as confusing at it first appears. It's quite possible that Linfred of Stinchcombe, an early ancestor of Harry Potter, really did invent the basic Pepperup Potion, as explained in a Pottermore: The Potter Family by J.K. Rowling (Pm). Glover Hipworth may have improved or refined the process of making the potion, just as The Half-Blood Prince improved many potions in the Advanced Potion making book by Libatius Borage. Even the Potter family history mentions that Linfred's basic formulas for potions "evolved" over time into modern versions (Pm).

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