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Libatius Borage

Libatius Borage

Libatius Borage was a famous potioneer and author.

Borage attended the Castelobruxo Wizarding School in Brazil (Pm). He wrote several books, including:


A noted writer and potioneer.

Other canon notes and references

The canon makes it clear that Libatius Borage was not a very helpful textbook writer. Students such as Draco and Hermione who had made high marks in Potions class up until sixth year suddenly had trouble following the book's instructions. Harry was able to become Slughorn's NEWT-level star pupil by using the added notes from the Half-Blood Prince in the margins of the old textbook he was given.



Libatius - from the Latin "Libation" or a ritual offering of wine, oil or some other liquid

Borage - An ancient herb known for medicinal qualities, and associated with courage:

John Gerard's Herball mentions an old verse concerning the plant: "Ego Borago, Gaudia semper ago (I, Borage, bring always courage)". He states that "Those of our time do use the flowers in sallads to exhilerate and make the mind glad. There be also many things made of these used everywhere for the comfort of the heart, for the driving away of sorrow and increasing the joy of the minde."




Since he attended Castelbruxo, it's probable that Borage was born somewhere in South America. He may also have spoken Portuguese and possibly Spanish.

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