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Castelobruxo Wizarding School

South American wizarding school, located deep in the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil.

The school occupies an impressive, large, square stone building, built of golden rock. Its grounds and surrounding rain forest are protected by mischievous spirit beings called caipora. Muggles who happen upon the building see only an ancient ruin (Pm).

Castelobruxo students wear bright green robes. The school’s location within a fantastically diverse and rich ecosystem allows the students and staff to specialise in advanced Herbology and Magizoology. Many European witches and wizards visit Castelobruxo in an exchange program to learn more about the flora and fauna of the rain forest (Pm).

Famous alumni of Castelobruxo include:

Bill's penfriend also attended Castelobruxo. He sent Bill a cursed hat when the Weasleys didn't arrange an exchange visit (GF7Pm).



The image of the castle seen on Pottermore shows a Mayan-style edifice, although the Mayan civilization did not extend as far south as the Amazon basin:


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