Potion of All Potential

This potion is legendary! The Potion of All Potential. A potion to realise all that is best in us."
-- Announcer at the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship (BoP)

Effect: helps bring out the best in a witch or wizard.


  • Pritcher's Porritch (plant)
  • Witch's Ganglion (plant)
  • Niffler's Fancy (plant)
  • Thaumatagoria (plant)


Book of Potions Instructions:

  • Add all four ingredients in any order you like.
  • Wave your wand in any gesture you like.

References from the canon

Invented by a Hogwarts student during the Wizarding Schools Potions Championships and brewed in a golden cauldron. The creator was under the influence of Felix Felicis (which might explain the positive attributes of the potion) (BoP). Tested on a toad, the creature glowed with inner light, then attracted a lady-toad, which made the other contestants lined up to drink some.



potential = late 14c., "possible" (as opposed to actual), from Old French potenciel and directly from Latin potentia "power, might, force


The fourth ingredient of Potion of All Potential is difficult to hear when listening to the game and the word is not shown as text on the screen. Harry Potter Wikia at one time listed it as "Formatagoria," but the Lexicon once thought it could be "Fermentadoria" from the Portuguese word "Fermentador" meaning "brewer" or "fermenter."  It has now been confirmed by Harry Potter Wiki from Book of Potions Game Files as "Thaumatagoria" from the Greek Thaûma (θαῦμα), "miracle" or "magic", the same root of the English word thaumaturgy.

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