• Character Nagini was a Maledictus who became a huge, magical, diamond-patterned snake and a companion to Voldemort.  Nagini was originally a young woman who suffered from a malediction, a blood curse that would eventually transform her into a snake. She used this ability to become a… Read More
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In an interview with The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet in July 2005, Rowling said, “Dumbledore’s guesses are never very far wide of the mark. I don’t want to give too much away here, but Dumbledore says, ‘There are four out there, you’ve got to get rid of four, and then… Read More
• Character Nagnok may not be canon; his name was mentioned in the third W.O.M.B.A.T. test posted on jkrowling.com as a possible answer to the question “Which of the following did NOT provoke one of the bloody goblin rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries?” According to the test Nagnok was a… Read More
• Creature Known to infest mistletoe quite often (OP21). Read More
• Event Narcissa brings the captives into the drawing room so Draco can positively identify Harry. He does so reluctantly and half-heartedly, but before the Dark Lord is summoned Bellatrix tortures Hermione and Griphook for information about the Sword of Gryffindor. During the torture Harry and Ron are brought to the cellar where… Read More
• Magical objects • Transportation A suitcase of brown leather with a careworn appearance and one latch that suddenly flips open now and then. Newt Scamander brought it with him on a trip to New York in 1926 filled with a menagerie of magical creatures inhabiting the wizard space inside (WFT).  Newt’s case became switched… Read More
• Character Newt Scamander‘s mother was a fancy Hippogriff breeder; she encouraged Newt’s fascination with magical creatures (FB). Read More
• Creature A niffler is a black fluffy long-snouted creature which burrows in dirt as if it were water. Although nifflers are gentle pets, they are strongly attracted to anything shiny, which can make them difficult to control. They can be very useful for finding treasure, and are often kept by goblins for this… Read More
• Event Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrive just in time to see the baby Norwegian Ridgeback emerge from its egg. The baby dragon sneezes some sparks and almost bites Hagrid (who is delighted). Then everyone realises that Draco Malfoy has witnessed the event through a window. (PS14)… Read More
• Character Norbert is a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon, hatched from an egg by Hagrid and raised for several weeks in the spring of 1992. Norbert outgrew his surroundings rather quickly and had to be sent to a dragon reservation in Romania, where they discovered that Norbert was… Read More
• Creature Species of dragon native to northern Europe. native to: Norway habitat: mountains appearance: black scales, bronze horns, black ridges on its back food: any large mammals, including water animals eggs: black fangs: venomous (PS14) Hagrid gets a dragon egg from a stranger in… Read More
• Creature The Nundu is a gigantic magical leopard, native to East Africa, which is considered by many to be the most dangerous beast in existence. A Nundu’s breath carries disease and death and its jaws can swallow a group of people in one gulp (BoS). Whole villages have been wiped… Read More
• Character Nymphadora Tonks, or Tonks as she prefers to be called, is a Metamorphmagus Auror and member of the Order of the Phoenix. She is a pretty young woman with a heart-shaped face. Her hair changes color, but is often bubble-gum pink. Her father calls her ‘Dora.’ Tonks is an Auror and… Read More