• Character Rabastan Lestrange was a Slytherin student in the early 1979s and a Death Eater thereafter. He was the brother of Rodolphus Lestrange (GF30, OP6). Rabastan and his brother Rodolphus were captured by the Ministry of Magic after their attack on the Longbottoms (November or December 1981) and given a… Read More
• Character Urquhart Rackharrow invented the Entrail-Expelling Curse in the 1600s. A portrait of him hung in the Dai Llewellyn Ward at St. Mungo’s (OP22). https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-202107-op36-of-duels-and-magic-part-2.mp3Podcast: Play in new window |… Read More
• Character Raczidian was a Dark wizard who lived in a castle guarded by Dementors (BoS). In a nearby village lived a girl named Eliana and Raczidian chose her for his bride, but her parents refused. In anger, Raczidian sent the Dementors to attack the village, and the wizards who lived there… Read More
• Spells Blasts solid objects out of the caster’s path. https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-202107-op36-of-duels-and-magic-part-2.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:06 — 11.1MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Character Remus Lupin was a contemporary of James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew (together they were known as “The Marauders“) (PA18, WW) and he was appointed as a prefect from his fifth year at Hogwarts School (OP9). He became a professor… Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds • Wizarding places The Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library is at the back, set off with a rope. A signed note from a teacher is required to peruse that section of the library; it contains books of Dark Magic only used by older students studying advanced Defence Against the Dark Arts. One… Read More
• Magical artifacts One of three Deathly Hallows, belonging to the second Peverell brother Cadmus Peverell.  Death created this hallow by plucking a stone from a nearby river, according to “The Tale of the Three Brothers”. However, Dumbledore believes, “Whether they met Death on a lonely road…I think it more likely that the Peverell brothers… Read More
• Headlines and advertisements How Much Revenge is Safe? is a letter published on the Problem Page of the Daily Prophet (DP3). Wizard Buckley Cooper has been involved in a family feud and wanted to know the Ministry’s position if he kidnapped and transfigured his nieces and nephews. Dempster Wiggleswade from… Read More
• Character Grandparents of Tom Riddle Jr. (Voldemort) and parents of Tom Riddle Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Riddle were wealthy landowners whose mansion overlooked the small village of Little Hangleton. They, along with their son Tom Riddle Sr., were found murdered in their house in the summer of 1943. https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-202107-op36-of-duels-and-magic-part-2.mp3… Read More
• Character Delphi is a very unusual and mysterious young woman. She claims to be the niece and caretaker of Amos Diggory, now a lonely widower at the St. Oswald’s Home for Old Witches and Wizards in Upper Flagley, and calls herself Delphi (short for Delphini Diggory). She lives at… Read More
• Character The Riddle family was a singularly unpleasant, upper class family who fifty years ago lived in the village of Little Hangleton in a large manor house (‘Riddle House’) on a hill, overlooking a graveyard and a church. Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort: Born of a witch mother (Merope Gaunt) and… Read More
• Character Rionach Sayre was the mother of Ilvermorny founder Isolt Sayre. She was a Pure-blood Irish witch descended from Salazar Slytherin through the line of Gaunt. Her husband William Sayre was also a Pure-blood descended from the famous witch Morrigan, but the couple was friendly with Muggles and raised their daughter… Read More
• Character Rodolphus Lestrange was a Slytherin student in the early 1970s (GF27) and a Death Eater thereafter. He was the brother of Rabastan, husband of Bellatrix (GF27, GF30, OP6). Rodolphus and his brother Rabastan were captured by the Ministry of Magic after their attack on the Longbottoms… Read More
• Character Madam Rosmerta is the proprietor of the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She is at least in her 30s and likely a bit older, since she was running the Three Broomsticks already back in the 1970s. She is well known by witches and wizards from all over, including the teachers from… Read More
• Character Thorfinn Rowle was a huge, blonde Death Eater during the second war with Voldemort. During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Rowle was part of the group that invaded Hogwarts where he did tremendous damage (HBP27). It was his Avada Kedavra that killed fellow Death Eater Gibbon when it missed Lupin. Rowle… Read More
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In Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore shows Harry the memory in which he interviews Tom Riddle for a job at Hogwarts. I have a lot of questions about Dumbledore’s motives for allowing even this level of consideration. He does have a little bit of a thing about manners,… Read More