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Introduction In the book, these cards are collected and traded by students and referred to as Chocolate Frog Cards. However, “real” versions of these cards exist, created by Rowling herself, providing a fascinating look into the vast scope of Wizarding history. After the release of the fourth book, the world… Read More
• Spells The Flame-Freezing Charm is a spell which changes the properties of fire so that its heat feels like a warm breeze. Read More
• Character Flamel is a celebrated alchemist (DH2) who is famous for creating the only known Philosopher’s Stone in existence. As a result, Flamel and his wife Perenelle (b. circa 1333) lived for over 600 years (PS17, JKR). Dumbledore did some alchemical work with him in… Read More
• Character Perenelle Flamel was Nicolas Flamel’s wife (PS17). She and her future husband met while attending Beauxbatons Academy (Pm). Read More
• Magical effects While “[n]o spell yet devised enables wizards to fly unaided in human form” (QA1), various spells create flying effects. Read More
• Character A renowned American wizarding family with ties to MACUSA and Ilvermorny School (Pm) Members include: Theodard Fontaine Agilbert Fontaine… Read More