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Missing Him

Missing Him

Harry stepped forward and bowed low to the hippogriff without breaking eye contact or blinking.  After a few seconds, Buckbeak sank into a bow too.

“How are you?” Harry asked him in a low voice, moving forward to stroke the feathery head.  “Missing him?  But you’re okay here with Hagrid, aren’t you?”

Harry Potter en route to Hagrid's to discuss the trio's decision not to continue with Care of Magical Creatures (HBP11: Hermione’s Helping Hand)


Sirius falls through the veil on June 18, 1996.  Harry holds Quidditch tryouts for the Gryffindor team on September 14, 1996, and the trio visit Hagrid afterward and run into Buckbeak/Witherwings outside.  Scientifically, there is research to show that Harry would still be reeling from this latest loss, eighty-eight days later.  Faith G. Harper wrote, "While there is no magic number associated with the time we need to heal, researchers have found that ninety days is the basic timeframe for reestablishing equilibrium."


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