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Complete, detailed, and amazing Reader's Guides
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chapter Thirty-Two:
Flesh, Blood, and Bone

"Kill the spare."

Synopsis by William Silvester
Notes and links by Michele L. Worley

U.S. hardcover edition: pages 636 - 643
U.K. hardcover edition: pages 552 - 558
U.K. paperback edition: pages 689 - 697
Timeframe: 24 June, 1995 [Y15]

In which Harry and Cedric are transported to a graveyard, encountering Voldemort. Cedric is killed, Harry is tied to Riddle's tombstone, and Wormtail resurrects Voldemort.

Flesh, Blood, and Bone, GF32, by Mary GrandPré

Interesting facts and notes about the text of this chapter:

'Flesh - of the servant - w-willingly given - you will - revive - your master.'

Flesh of the Servant © 2003 Laura Freeman

Characters introduced in this chapter:

Characters returning in this chapter:

Characters mentioned in this chapter:

Settings and locations introduced or returning in this chapter:

  • churchyard, Little Hangleton

Settings and locations mentioned in this chapter:

Exceptional character moments:

  • Wormtail, who cuts off his right hand on his master's orders, just as his master had said (GF1).

Spells and Potions:

Links and Resources:

Memorable lines:

  • 'Kill the spare.'

Strictly British:

  • none


See Timeline: The Third Task.


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