Fire-Making Spell

Fire-Making Spell

The Fire-Making Spell is a very useful spell, commonly used around the Wizarding house for such things as lighting the fire in the fireplace. The spell is cast using the incantation Incendio.

While learning this spell, the Book of Spells recommends wearing dragon-hide gloves (BoS).

References from the canon

  • Arthur Weasley used this to start a fire in the Dursleys' fireplace (GF4).
  • Used by a Death Eater to set fire to Hagrid's cabin (HBP28).
  • Hagrid started a roaring fire in the hut-on-the-rock without a wand (PS4) (PS/f depicts this incorrectly)
  • Wormtail started a fire under the cauldron in which Voldemort was reborn (GF32).
  • Albus Potter sets fire to his Hogsmeade permission form - and surprises himself as it is not usually a spell he can perform successfully (CC1.4).
  • Both Harry Potter and Delphi use this against each other in their duel (CC4.11).



"incendo" L. to set fire to

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