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Barnabas Cuffe

"All ex-students, all signed. You'll notice Barnabas Cuffe, editor of the Daily Prophet, he's always interested to hear my take on the day's news."
-- Horace Slughorn, showing Harry his collection of photographs (HBP4)

Barnabas Cuffe was editor of the Daily Prophet (HBP4).

He was one of the famous ex-students "collected" by Horace Slughorn, and had given him a signed photograph. He was probably a member of the Slug Club when at Hogwarts (HBP4).

Barnabas Cuffe
Gender Male
Dates fl. 1996
Species / Race Wizard
Affiliations Slug Club Daily Prophet
Profession Editor and writer for the Daily Prophet newspaper
First Introduced HBP4: Horace Slughorn


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