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Cliodna (also spelt Cliodne) was a beautiful medieval Irish druidess and an Animagus, whose three magical birds could cure the sick with their healing songs (FW).

Skilled at Transfiguration, she was said to be able to transform herself into a wave or take her Animagus form of a seabird.

Her favourite hobby was flying and she also discovered the properties of moondew (FW).


Eldest daughter of the last Druid of Ireland.



Other canon notes and references

Harry saw her as a "druidess" who was scratching her nose when he collected her Chocolate Frog Card during his first trip on the Hogwarts Express (PS6).



From clodhna meaning “shapely.” Pronounced "CLEEV-nah"


In Irish mythology, Cliodna is a goddess of beauty. She is associated with the Irish tale of the Blarney Stone. She told the owner of Blarney Castle to kiss a stone in the morning before he went to court to plead a case, and his words gained eloquence and favor. The man was so impressed he built the stone into a tower of the castle. To this day people visit the castle and "kiss the Blarney Stone" to give them the gift of gab and the ability to flatter others.

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