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Dragomir Gorgovitch

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The Harry Potter Canon

"No, I’m definitely not thinking of Gorgovitch."
"I try not to, either."
-- Harry Potter & Ron Weasley (DH7)

Dragomir Gorgovitch

Quidditch player (Chaser) who transferred to the Chudley Cannons in the mid-1990s.

Gorgovitch, who came to the Cannons around 1995, is the record holder for most Quaffle drops in a season (DH7).


Not being able to hold on to the Quaffle reliably....

Other canon notes and references

Ron borrowed Gorgovitch's first name for the alias "Dragomir Despard" when he, Harry and Hermione broke into Gringotts Bank (DH26).

It was Gregorovitch, the Wandmaker, that Harry was trying to remember rather than Dragomir Gorgovitch, the Quidditch player (DH8).



Dragomir is a Slavic name meaning "precious and peaceful." It has nothing to do with dragons, though it sounds like it should.

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